[(L0,2 oc1,5) 3 veces] L0,2 oc14,7
GpD(4)B 20s

Height above sea level:: 85 m
Location 38 59,6' N 1 12,8' E
Range: 18 miles
This is one of the 2nd order lighthouses assigned to the Balearic Islands by the Plan of 1847. It marks, with Cabo San Antonio, on the mainland coast, the wide strait between the mainland and the sub-archipelago of Ibiza. The tower has a circular base and it originally sent out a signal pattern of eclipses at one-minute intervals This was changed in 1928 to a pattern of flashes in groups of four and still operates in this way. The primitive installation relied on an olive oil lamp. Later, according to the general illumination regulations of that time, it was modified and paraffin and petroleum oil were used. With the reform of 1928 a new optical system was assembled which consisted of a set of revolving lenses, sitting on a mercury flotation device. In 1971 the lighting apparatus was totally changed. The new mechanism utilized acetylene gas instead of petroleum oil. There were also modifications made on the tower and a new lantern was installed. Since that time the lighthouse has been uninhabited. It now operates on solar power.