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The APB approves the tender process corresponding to the management of the Cós Nou dry dock at the Port of

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Palma, 28/09/2018

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has approved the tender process, including the social clauses of the specifications that were agreed to with the Council of Mahon, relating to the management of the Cós Nou dry dock at the Port of Mahon.

The operating area under the award totals 24,591 square metres, of which 18,625 corresponds to land surface area and 5,966 to water. The surface area can be increased at the request of the successful tenderer, which is obliged to reserve a section of the esplanade for vessels measuring eight metres or less.

In this area, owners who so request it may exclusively carry out personal maintenance work on their vessel and clean and spray the exterior body work, provided that the current regulations are complied with as regards safety, care and protection of the environment.

Furthermore, under the agreement reached with the Council of Mahon, owners of vessels that measure eight metres or less will have access to the inner harbour for lifting and launching purposes using their own means, as well as to the dock ramp.

Dry dock services

The services that shall be provided at the dry dock include the lifting and launching of vessels, as well as their storage, surveillance and safeguarding on land. The awardee shall manage the occupancy of the port area under the concession and the use of the pit to ground and launch vessels. The APB shall provide the awardee with a 150-tonne travelift that is already being used in the area.

The dry dock will have mooring areas in which to repair vessels, as well as a dry marina with at least 150 spaces for vessels of 10 metres or less. It will also have a fuel supple point for large vessels, as well as shops and offices for activities relating to the vessel repair and maintenance sector.

The manager will be in charge of collecting selected rubbish and waste, the water supply, electricity, telephones, data transfer and other possible services to be put forward in the tendering stage.

In the awarding of the contract, the most beneficial offer will be selected, taking into account the lowest maximum tariffs, improvement of the activity rate and the annual occupancy rate, which stands at €182,976.27, the operating period, which must be under 25 years, and the investment promised by the tenderer. 


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