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The number of cruise passengers increase by 8% in 2008

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In 2008 The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (PAB) experienced an 8% growth in the number of cruise passengers from 2007. There was also an increase of 1% in the number of stopovers. However, freight traffic declined by 8% and regular passenger traffic by 10%. In total, 1,315,933 cruise passengers made landfall over the past year at the ports of the PAB: 1,131,147 in the port of Palma (8% increase), 103,574 in the port of Mahon (+14%) and 79,210 in the port of Ibiza (-1%). Regarding the number of cruise ships, the port of Palma recorded a total of 496 stopovers throughout 2008, a 5% increase from 2007. By contrast, the port of Ibiza decreased by 11% the number of stopovers and Mahon by 2% from the previous year.Less cargo2008 was characterized by a general decline in cargo traffic in the ports of the PAB, with the exception of the Port of Alcudia which secured an increase of 3% over 2007, with a total movement of 1,872,212 tons. Thus, from January to December 2008, 13,224,725 tons of cargo moved through all ports of the PAB, 8% less than in 2007. The port of Palma lost 9%, representing nearly eight hundred thousand tons less than the previous year (8,196,284 tons), Mahon 10% (1,175,720 tons), La Savina 11% (198,229 ) and finally the port of Ibiza15% (1,782,280 tons). With regard to regular passenger traffic, 4,101,598 passengers passed through the ports of the PAB, 10% less than in 2007. The port of Palma had the steepest decline. It recorded a total of 859,435 passengers, signifying a fall of 18%, followed by the port of Ibiza, with a drop of 11% (1,773,192), Alcudia 8% (148,395) and La Savina with a 4% reduction (1,138,988). By contrast, the port of Mahon recorded the only positive numbers presented in this sector with an increase of 4%, representing 181,588 passengers.


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