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Palma, 04/03/2019

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) will begin the refurbishment works on El Molinar port on 18 March, consisting of different actions to improve maritime operational capacity and the port-city environment. The works have been awarded to the company ACSA, Obras e Infraestructuras, SA, for 3,087,056.06 euros (VAT included) and will take place over approximately 9.5 months, directly employing a total of 20 people in their execution.

This morning, the APB informed the members and users with mooring rights of the Molinar de Levante Maritime Club (CMML) of when the works are to begin and that their concession ends on 16 March. In order to prevent, to the greatest possible extent, any inconvenience for the owners of the boats moored, the APB will, upon request by the CMML, place at their disposition floating docks, a land surface and prefabricated modules in the Portixol facilities so that, for as long as the works last, it can move all the boats under its management there.

It was also informed that, on 16 March, the concession of the building where the CMML is currently located and where a restaurant activity is carried out also comes to an end. If the CMML wishes to continue with this activity, for as long as is compatible with the execution of the works, it may expressly request so. Otherwise, the club will no longer be able to continue managing the restaurant.

Continuity of management

In the same regard, the APB informed the CMML that, if it is interested in continuing to manage the facilities it has been managing up to now, it may request a tender process, in accordance with Article 86 of the Revised Text of the Law on State Ports and Merchant Navy.

With this action, the APB aims to fulfil the objectives of combining the private sporting leisure activities with the interests of all citizens, retaining the current dimensions and social nature of the nautical facilities. Without the occupied water surface growing, it aims to ensure that the recreational and sporting activities can continue to take place at this port. The land area will also be optimised by devoting more space to the sailing school, which means this sport can be encouraged among children.

The refurbishment includes actions to improve the maritime facilities, the refurbishment of the current building, which will keep its current characteristics, and the redevelopment of the area, extending the promenade.


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