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The 145 maritime signals managed by the APB are now controlled by a remote control system

Balears, 17/09/2020

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has implemented a remote control system for the different lighthouses, beacons and buoys which permits remote operation of these signals, managing alarms as well as displaying the state of their components to ensure they function correctly.

The system that has been implemented is made up of the NETCOM control centre software, provided by Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas, which runs on a virtual server on the APB computer network and which the maintenance company has access to via a VPN; the six communications coordinators installed in the APB ports and the 145 remote monitoring stations for the lighthouses, beacons and buoys in the coastal network and the beacons and buoys in the ports.

This system enables comprehensive distance maintenance of the remote control system without requiring the presence of staff on site.

The monitoring equipment includes 34 lighthouses (17 in Majorca, 7 in Minorca, 7 in Ibiza and 3 in Formentera) and 111 beacons and buoys (50 in Majorca, 33 in Minorca, 17 in Ibiza and 11 in Formentera).

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In addition, the user can check the status and technical details of all the navigational aids in the Balearic Islands at


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