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In 2019, the ports of the Balearic Islands handled 5.4% more passengers than in the previous year

Palma, 04/09/2020

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands' (APB) 2019 Annual and Sustainability Reports, which were recently published and are available on its website,, show a new growth trend in both goods and passenger traffic, as well as in the investments made.

In this context, the 2019 Report highlights that the APB has achieved its objective of remaining economically self-sufficient whilst undertaking an ambitious investment plan in terms of port infrastructure and of initiatives in the port-city interface. The amount of these investments totalled €20,103,379.67.

In terms of port traffic, 2019 was another consecutive year of record highs with goods throughput of 16,523,691 tonnes (up 2% on 2018) and a total of 9,877,985 passengers between cruises and ferry services (up 5.4% on 2018).

Likewise, the participatory process launched to draw up the new Strategic Plan, which was completed in 2019, deserves special mention. The plan applies to the five ports (Palma, Alcudia, Mahon, Ibiza and La Savina) and the maritime signals managed by the APB (34 lighthouses and over 25 coastal beacons), with an initial timeline of between five and ten years, which can be integrated into the planning system defined by the Spanish Port System's Institutional and Strategic Framework.

Implementation of information technologies and systems

Finally, and thanks to the implementation of information technologies and systems, the APB continues its efforts to be more transparent and useful to its stakeholders and Balearic society as a whole. In this regard, progress has been made in the shape of a catalogue of electronic services, open data and standardisation of document management.

The Annual Report includes specific information on all the projects undertaken in 2019 and on the economic, social and environmental progress of the public ports managed by the APB, as well as on the functioning of the organization and its governing bodies, including infrastructures completed or under construction, a summary of investments, figures on the use of the port, regular shipping lines and port companies and services, as well as traffic statistics.

Read the reports here.


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