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The APB and the Consell de Mallorca revalidate the agreement for fire protection and firefighting, rescue and public safety for the port of Alcúdia

A Joint Monitoring Commission between the Consell de Mallorca and the APB will coordinate the development of this agreement, applicable to the port of Alcúdia.
Palma, 02/06/2021
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Further strengthening of cooperation between the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) and the Consell de Mallorca, through the signing of an agreement on fire protection and firefighting, rescue and public safety in the port of Alcúdia. The aim of the agreement is to increase the technical collaboration of the APB and the Bombers de Mallorca in order to raise safety levels in the port area of Alcúdia and to make the most of the resources and means available.

The president of the APB, Francesc Antich, and the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Catalina Cladera, signed the new agreement in a ceremony attended by the director of the APB, Jorge Nasarre, and the councillor of the Treasury and Civil Service, Josep Lluís Colom.

The president of the APB, Francesc Antich, highlighted "the opportunity to benefit from an agreement that has been working very well for almost a decade", and valued the continuity of the agreement between the institutions to ensure "an optimal level of security in the port area and optimisation of public resources".

"We continue to reinforce safety and protection in the port of Alcúdia with the presence of the Mallorca Fire Brigade, guaranteeing the provision of a specialised quality service adapted to the demands of port activity," said the president of the Consell, Catalina Cladera.

To this end, the APB will provide the staff of the Bombers de Mallorca (BdM) with material and a specific training programme for port emergencies, with a budget of €286,000 for the next four years.

Internal Emergency Plan (IEP)

The port of Alcúdia has an Internal Emergency Plan (IEP) drawn up by the APB in which the BdM is considered an intervention group. Through this agreement, the members of the Mallorca Fire Brigade undertake to intervene in extinguishing fires on land and on boats, public safety operations, evacuation tasks, land rescue operations, loading and unloading of hazardous goods and participation in drills, among other risky activities.

This reciprocal cooperation dates back to 2002, when the first collaboration agreement was signed between the two institutions and which has been revalidated with the signing of the new agreement. Through this agreement, the APB collaborates in tasks carried out by the BdM at all times and provides human resources for the development of surveillance activities in the service area of the port of Alcúdia.

A Joint Monitoring Commission made up of three members from each of the parties will coordinate the development of this agreement.


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