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The APB discloses the IEO report on the dredging of the Port of Maó following its release

Palma de Mallorca, 31/01/2013

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has informed the competent authorities about the report compiled by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO) on the dredging project for the Port of Maó, as its contents became available. This took place on 16th January when the APB received a copy of the report from the Directorate General of Fishery Resources and Aquaculture, after expressly requesting it when it became aware of its existence.

In the light of the IEO report, the APB has carried out further studies which have been sent to this public research body in order to resolve the issues which have arisen. More specifically, a new marine currents study has been carried out to ensure the protected environment of the Isla del Aire is not affected. In addition, more information on the dredging discharge point has been provided which has led to the introduction of additional precautions in the Environmental Watch Plan, including a new survey of the benthic floor in the dredging’s preoperational phase.

The conclusions of these new studies were made public during the month of January at the 2nd Technical Open Day on the dredging of the Port of Maó which concluded that the material to be dredged is category II, which means that it can be discharged in a controlled manner into the sea.

It should be mentioned that the environmental management of this dredging has been planned in line with CEDEX Recommendations for the Management of Dredged Material in Spanish Ports which were adopted to coordinate the environmental management of dredging operations in Spain according to the guidelines developed in international marine environment conventions. 


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