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The APB ensures the moorings to the Molinar Yacht Club members and assumes the improvement works of the facilities


The Balearic Islands' Port Authority (APB) will directly manage the 120 moorings that the Levante Molinar Yacht Club was granted at Palma's Port. The APB's main aim is to ensure and improve the service provision to current members with a mooring. The APB will also assume the improvement works of the facilities.
This measure responds to the APB's decision, communicated to the club's executives, to deny the term and license extension. The APB considers that the extension project is not adequate, as it includes new land reclamations and generates a great number of larger new moorings. In addition, according to the APB, this project does not respond to the existing social demand, as it does not guarantee the continuity of social sailing, formed by small boats, or its integration in the urban and environmental setting.
The APB has taken this measure in order to preserve the so-called social sailing, ensuring a better service provision than it has offered up to now, and due to the Molinar Yacht Club's manifest inability to assume the maintenance of the current maritime facilities, which has taken them to their current condition. 
Improvements at the port
Conscious of the society's rejection of the extension project presented by El Molinar Club, the APB will assume the necessary improvements of the maritime facilities, respecting the idiosyncrasy of the neighbourhood and working in the setting port-city, giving continuity to the seaside promenade and eliminating barriers.
Besides, in order to ensure the continuity of the Levante Molinar Yacht Club, the APB will assign part of the port public space to this entity —considered the oldest yacht club of the Balearic Islands—, so that it continues the nautical and social activity it has been carrying out for more than 90 years.
The Molinar Yacht Club submitted the term and license extension application in 2014. This process falls within the framework of the modification of public licenses under the tenth transitional provision of the consolidated version of the Law of State Ports and the Merchant Navy, introduced by Law 18/2014. The license finishes in March 2018.

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