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Palma, 14/02/2019

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has put the extension works of the Ses Figuerasses dock at the Port of Mahon out to tender. The aim of the remodelling under the tender is to connect the hospital walkway and the Repòs del Rei area. The extension will give pedestrians access from the hospital and the Repòs del Rei area, while also adapting the zone for recreational use, providing it with a number of mooring positions for small length vessels.

In addition to being resistant to the sea environment, the type of concrete chosen for the works will have similar aesthetical characteristics to that already present in the area so as to maintain visual coherence with the other elements at the Port of Mahon. Said dock will be covered with limestone in the dry-wall style, and the finish chosen for the pavement will be of pine wood flooring, appropriately treated, in order to ensure adequate durability.

It is worth mentioning that this remodelling joins the works currently underway at said dock to resolve the stability issues, which have caused a large longitudinal crack along the dock, a problem that forced the APB to close the access point on safety grounds.

The extension of the Ses Figuerasses dock relates to improving the port infrastructure located at the south bank in front of the Illa del Rei at the Port of Mahon and will extend up to 167 metres in length. The useful life of the extension is expected to last 50 years and it has an estimated budget of 711,125.18 euros, plus VAT.

The works are expected to start this forthcoming May and to last around 6 months. The deadline for tender submissions is 11 March 2019. All the information is available at the APB Online Tender Portal.


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