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The APB improves the pavement surface of the Camí de s’Escullera

This project will create eight direct jobs.
Palma, 17/03/2021
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The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) improves the pavement surface on the sea side of the Camí de s’Escullera in the port of Palma. Pavements, foundation slabs, concrete factories and others that will allow the work to be done properly have already begun to be demolished.

The work ranges from the top of the APB headquarters to the access road to the commercial docks and is being carried out in a way that causes the least possible interference with the use of the port. For greater security, one of the access traffic lanes to the Paseo Marítimo has been shut off.

Construcciones, Excavaciones y Asfaltos (COEXA) is the company that has been awarded the contract, which has a cost of €341,676.85 and an expected duration of three months. This project will create eight direct jobs.


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