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The APB is introducing new docking authorisation criteria for shipping companies in the ports of La Savina and Eivissa

The measure is intended to improve the safety of maritime operations for ships and boats.
Eivissa, 30/07/2021
Transport and infrastructure

The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) has announced new requirements for mooring allocations in the ports of La Savina and Eivissa. The condition establishes two restricted navigation zones for commercial vessels, in which simultaneous manoeuvres are prohibited. The measure will come into force tomorrow (Tuesday).

The decision, taken by the APB in accordance with its jurisdiction over the port traffic (both maritime and land) at multipurpose ports in the Balearic Islands, is intended to guarantee the safety of these operations.

The areas affected by the restrictions are the outer dock of La Savina port, where commercial vessels operate, and the area where the boats from Formentera dock and set sail in the port of Eivissa. In both areas, the speed limit of six knots will be maintained, and exit manoeuvres will take priority over entry manoeuvres. In addition, shipping companies are urged to comply with the scheduled entry and exit times, prioritising safety.

The affected shipping companies have already been informed of the new requirements and must submit their rescheduled stopovers to the APB within 7 business days. Once the proposals have been submitted, the APB will analyse the requests and draw up the new definitive schedule.

Local Port Control

The APB has reinforced the technical and human resources allocated to manage, coordinate and control maritime port traffic in the ports of Eivissa and La Savina through a new technical assistance contract for the provision of the service (Local Port Control), which has been awarded to the Eivissa Port Pilots Corporation and began on the 15th of July.

The new system is the result of consensus between the harbourmaster of Eivissa and Formentera, representatives from Maritime Rescue, the Eivissa Port Pilots Corporation and the APB itself, who, over the course of several meetings, analysed the different technical alternatives for improving the safety of maritime port traffic in the Pityusic Islands.


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