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The APB presents the docks of Botafoc as model of environmental management

Palma, 10/05/2011

The APB and the Technical Association of Ports and Coastlines have organized a technical visit today to the work site of the docks of Botafoc in the port of Ibiza, to raise awareness of the environmental measures being adopted throughout the project. The session included several lectures and a tour of the works in situ.


The technical seminar exposed the weaknesses currently afflicting the Ibiza port in regards to safety, passenger comfort and traffic, among others, and went on to explain the solutions adopted in the expansion and remodeling inside the port. In addition to the aspects relevant to the execution of the work, special emphasis was given to environmental and archaeological controls. In this sense, they explained in detail the measures taken in the Environmental Monitoring Plan to meet to the requirements of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) issued by the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs. They also described the actions carried out in the Special Environmental Surveillance Plan for Dredging and Disposal, developed to comply with the requirements provided by UNESCO, with the aim of not affecting the good of "Ibiza, Culture and Biodiversity " declared as a World Heritage Site.


The chairman of the APB, Francesc Triay, stated that due to the environmental accusations it has received, the project "has been subject to more demands and, to counter these demands, many environmental actions have been promoted. I believe that in environmental matters and construction management we have reached a standard of excellence. "


The Technical Association of Ports and Coastlines is formed by technicians from the departments of engineering and environment from the different port authorities, as well as, from the General Directorate of Coastlines. The fifty members of the association who have visited the port of Ibiza, from various parts of Spain and Cantabria, Andalusia and Galicia, participated in the talks in the morning and visited the work site in the afternoon.


The construction of the Botafoc docks, with an esplanade of 63,000 square meters and two quays, 200 meters long and 30 meters wide, will provide a suitable surface for the new terminal for regular passenger ferry traffic and general RoRo cargo, away from the city center and with sufficient guarantees of security.


The new ferry terminal building will have high walkways for boarding passengers, loading zones for cargo and vehicles and parking areas. At the same time, this action will permit a total reform of the Ibiza port which includes the new ferry terminal for passengers travelling to the port of La Savina.


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