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The APB promotes sustainable mobility among its employees

The organization launches the ‘30-day Ciclogreen Challenge’, aimed at promoting sustainable travel among its workers. Participants who meet the challenge will enter the draw for different prizes.
Palma, 30/03/2021

Employees of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) participate in the ‘30-day Ciclogreen Challenge’ held in April. The main aim of this challenge is to promote sustainable mobility within the organization and help reduce CO2 emissions from transport.

Therefore, APB workers commit themselves to going to work using a sustainable means of transport: bicycle, on foot, electric scooter, public transport, etc. But this commitment is not only limited to 30 days in April. The organization aims to encourage long-lasting healthy habits among its employees, allowing them to take advantage of the environmental benefits of sustainable mobility.

The Ciclogreen mobile app enables employees to log their sustainable journeys. In return, they accumulate kilometre points (ciclos) for each kilometre travelled. Those employees, who reach the minimum number of cycles and, therefore, manage to meet the challenge, will enter the draw for different prizes including a bicycle. Each user will also be able to access their private profile to see all the details of their trips and the metrics of their activities.

Through this challenge, the APB collaborates in the transition from the prevailing mobility model in our cities to a more sustainable, efficient and safe one. For a long time now, many experts have warned of the problems related to our travel habits: air and noise pollution, less friendly cities for people, traffic, stress, etc.

Reduction of CO2 emissions

The organization can use the control panel that includes the initiative to monitor the reduction of CO2 emissions registered during the month of April. This will show it exactly how the challenge is working among the employees and if the objectives of reducing the company's carbon footprint are being met.



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