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The APB puts out a tender for a nautical-sports marina and another for larger mooring spaces in the port of Maó

It splits the currently untitled Trapsayates space into two.
Maó, 24/02/2022
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The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has agreed today in a session held in Palma to put out to tender two authorizations to manage recreational nautical moorings in the port of Maó. One is aimed primarily at promoting water sports and another for larger mooring spaces. To do this, it will split into two the untitled space that the Trapsayates company currently occupies, for which an eviction notice has been served.

Firstly, it has been agreed to put out to tender the management of a nautical-sports facility for 165 boats, eight to fifteen metres long, between the area known as sa Punta des Rellotge and es Gatassus, on the Levante quay of the port of Maó. In this facility, special attention will be paid to the promotion and teaching of the sport.

The space, with an area of 19,167 square metres of water and 698 square metres of land, has four floating and occasionally piloted pontoons. It also includes an esplanade and a quay beside it, intended for the mooring of light boats for training, sports, and non-profit-making educational, social and cultural activities.

The duration of the authorisation will be two years, with the possibility of extending it for a maximum of three years. The annual occupancy rate for improvement will be 160,862.00 euros.

Larger mooring spaces

The second tender to be launched on the Levante quay of the port of Maó comprises 32 metres of quay line and a pontoon (also floating and occasionally piloted) located at the Punta de Cala Figuera.

In this case, the authorisation will be for two years - extendable up to a maximum of three years - of an area of 22,188 square metres of water to provide services to around 30 vessels of up to 60 metres in length. The annual occupancy rate for improvement will be 192,706.00 euros.


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