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The APB recognises the positive environmental practices of its concessionaires in the port of Eivissa

Varadero Ibiza, Marina Ibiza and Botafoc Ibiza will invest, through agreements with the Port Authority, around €100,000 during 2021 and 2022 in environmental work and investments aimed at protecting the environment and combating climate change.
Eivissa, 06/08/2021
Environment and CSR

The  Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) is encouraging its concessionaires to implement projects aimed at protecting the environment and combating climate change through agreements for the adoption of good environmental practices, with a 15% rebate on the business activity tax payable by the concessionaire. Three concessions in the port of Eivissa have joined the programme this year with a private investment of around €100,000 for 2021 and 2022.

The first to sign up, Tanit Ibiza Port, the company that manages Varadero Ibiza, signed its best practices agreement with the APB in 2016, and in 2021 it has renewed its environmental improvement proposal until the end of the concession period. Its commitment is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere by 1% and to reduce its dependence on non-renewable energy sources by installing photovoltaic panels in its facilities so that electricity consumption in the office area comes exclusively from renewable sources, all for an amount of 3,647 euros.

Ocibar, the company that manages the Botafoc Ibiza nautical facility, will invest a total of 37,200 euros to reduce its carbon footprint, promote the circular economy through a project to transform organic material from the restaurants in its concession into compost and install an artificial reef in its waters for the planting of posidonia, through the Nereidas project for the regeneration of marine biodiversity, which was one of the projects selected in the PUERTOS 4.0 programme of Puertos del Estado (Ports of the State).

Finally, Serveis Marítims Port Eivissa (SerMar), concessionaire of Marina Ibiza, has undertaken to participate in and promote environmental awareness campaigns among its clients and associates, promoting the reduction of water consumption, waste generation and electricity. By installing solar panel and using electric vehicles, it also aims to reduce its carbon footprint by 1%. The total amount invested by SerMar will ascend to 66,976 euros.

A highlight of the agreement is the implementation of an innovative project (CICERO), which was also selected in the PORTS 4.0 programme, that aims to implement a natural purification system in one of the docks of this concession in order to improve the quality of its waters.

In addition, these last two concessions, through the agreement with the Port Authority, will install marine litter bins, will have machinery for cleaning, will control the quality of the water and will organise seabed cleaning days.


Good practice agreement

The APB Board of Directors agreed on 28 of July to approve the collaboration agreements with Ocibar and SerMar on good environmental practices in order to regulate access to business activity tax rebates.

The law states that all those holders of a concession or authorisation who carry out certain type of port activities, including nautical sports activities, can sign an agreement on good environmental practices, for which they will receive a 15% rebate on the business activity rate. 


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