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The APB reminds owners of restaurants with terraces on Palma’s seafront promenade to comply with closing times

Numerous complaints about the noise late at night have been received from neighbours
Palma, 24/05/2022

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has sent these restaurants a letter reminding owners that they are obliged to comply with the authorised opening hours.

As stated in the terms and conditions under which the licences for these spaces are granted, the opening and closing hours are generally from 07:00 to 00:00; on Fridays, Saturdays and the eve of public holidays they are from 07:00 to 00:30 and, exceptionally, from 1 April to 31 October the closing hours will be extended by a further half hour. The above complies with the Municipal Ordinance on the Occupation of Public Thoroughfares issued by Palma Council.

With regard to the occupation of the terraces, restaurant owners are reminded that the free movement of pedestrians must be respected and that these terraces must be dismantled when the establishment is closed.

The APB has found that in the area of Avenida Gabriel Roca in the port of Palma the habit of keeping the terraces open until the early hours of the morning is becoming more widespread. This has increased since the restaurants were allowed to extend the occupation of the terraces to one of the vehicle traffic lanes.

In addition, numerous complaints about the noise late at night have been received from neighbours, as it disrupts their rest.

Finally, the letter reminds all establishments that failure to comply with these conditions will be reported and consequently lead to the termination of their occupancy permit granted by the APB, where applicable. This report will also be sent to Palma City Council so that it can ensure compliance with its municipal ordinances on the occupation of public thoroughfares and noise.


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