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The APB restores La Caseta and El Moll de ses Monges at La Isla del Rey, Maó Port

Maó, 06/07/2017

The Balearic Islands' Port Authority (APB) has restored La Caseta and El Moll de ses Monges, located at La Isla del Rey, Maó Port. Infrastructure that the APB makes available to the public and that will be a substantial improvement for La Isla del Rey Hospital Foundation's needs.

The small De ses Monges dock has been rebuilt by Naviera Daedalus S.L. with a budget of €54,441.06 and La Caseta has been restored by EHM, Contrata, Dirección Gestión de Obras 2004 S.L., with an investment of €19,227.

The dock received this name because nuns who worked at La Isla del Rey Hospital used to come here to bathe. La Caseta was their dressing room and, in the stone baths that can be seen in this area, some sick people who needed it for their treatment received salt water baths.

La Isla del Rey Hospital Foundation is a private, non-profit entity that promotes and protects La Isla del Rey through a number of activities and events. Please visit for more information about  Maó Port Activities.


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