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The APB updates the PEI of the five ports of general interest that manages Islands

Palma, 05/08/2011

The APB is re-establishing the Emergency Plans (IEP) of the five ports of general interest that runs in the Islands. The updated plans are being made with the collaboration of all stakeholders and conducting emergency drills in each of the ports.


The PEI is a set of specific actions to perform in emergencies at port facilities and is specific for each of the ports, which considers the peculiarities of these.


The renewal of the protocols for emergency action has had numerous contacts and training sessions with stakeholders. In the preliminary investigation and sharing of information have been involved, in addition to its own staff of the APB, the Directorate General of Govern d´Emergències de les Illes Balears, Palma firefighters and the Consells of Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera, Civil Guard, National Police, local police de Palma, Mahon Alcudia, Ibiza and Formentera, the 061, Harbour Master of Palma, Eivissa, Menorca district maritime, mooring, dock, practical, marpols, consignees, shippers and dealers in every port.


The update of the PEI have also had the drills of accidents with dangerous goods in each of the ports, except in Alcudia, which is scheduled to take place next autumn.


In these simulations have been performed with the latest facilities and technologies implemented by the ABS, such as closed circuit television and videoconferencing systems have allowed the monitoring operations from the port of Palma, in direct contact with the new control centers and crisis rooms created in each of the ports.


For the relocation of PEI, the APB has received technical assistance from the company i Tissaire Associates, with extensive experience in the implementation of emergency plans in ports such as Barcelona and Tarragona, among others.


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