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The APB will present 310 million euros worth of Mediterranean Corridor projects to the European Commission

From 2021 onwards, the Mediterranean Corridor will include the maritime connection with the port of Palma.
Palma, 10/03/2021
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The recent inclusion of the port of Palma in the Mediterranean Corridor as a node of the Trans-European Transport Network will enable the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) to participate in the Mediterranean Corridor Working Group and to propose and monitor projects that will make a significant contribution to the general objectives of that Corridor.

The president of the APB, Francesc Antich, affirms that "the Mediterranean Corridor that strengthens the connection with the continent, which is so important for us in terms of goods and passengers, will allow us to participate in the commissions that must decide on funding to improve infrastructures and services.”

The projects that the APB plans to carry out, in any event, in the investment planning of the Port of Palma until 2030 will thus be potentially eligible for EU funding. With the current estimates, updated periodically, they amount to 310 million euros, and are divided into three large groups, which are the development and modernisation of port infrastructures and internal connections and accesses to the port of Palma (275 million euros); the implementation of projects linked to clean energies and environmental sustainability (25 million euros); and the application of new technologies and innovation (10 million euros).

The first group includes the development of docks and esplanades, interior roads and accesses to the southwest area of the port. The clean energy and sustainability projects include infrastructures and facilities for cold ironing, as well as systems to improve energy efficiency (lighting, promotion of electric vehicles) and even the possible desalination of water with renewable energies to supply vessels and terminals.

Finally, the projects aim to transform the port of Palma into a digitalised and "intelligent" port, with new architecture and connections with operators and other ports, and further development of electronic administration and cybersecurity.

Mediterranean Corridor

The financial framework 2021-2027 of the CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) Regulation, which finances the trans-European transport, energy and telecommunications networks, includes among its objectives and priorities actions in 9 multimodal transport corridors (for goods and people), including the Mediterranean Corridor.

Moreover, due to its connection with the European high-speed lines and its interoperability with the main Spanish ports, it is one of the major transport hubs at an economic and commercial level in Europe.


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