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Cruise passengers consume 90 litres of water per year in the Port of Palma

Palma, 12/06/2020

According to data gathered by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) on cruise ship water consumption in the public ports it manages on the islands, a cruise passenger calling at the Port of Palma uses an average of 90.49 litres of water a year. According to the water supply figures for this type of ship, in 2019, 200,895 tonnes of water were delivered to cruise ships in the Port of Palma for a total of 2,220,135 passengers visiting its facilities.

The average water consumption per cruise passenger has varied in recent years. For example, in 2016, the year in which the Port of Palma supplied 178,068 tonnes of water to cruise ships for 1,631,206 cruise passengers, the average was 109.16 litres per passenger.

In 2017, the annual average dropped to 90.03 litres per cruise passenger, with 150,632 tonnes for 1,673,210 passengers, whilst in 2018, the average reached its lowest point with 79.55 litres per passenger per year, with 163,226 tonnes of water being supplied to 2,051,782 visitors.

Other ports

The average water consumption per cruise passenger is lower in the other APB ports that cruise ships call at. Thus, in the Port of Ibiza, the annual average in 2019 was 64 litres per cruise passenger, with 25,526 tonnes of water being delivered to a total of 399,130 passengers. In Mahon, it was 0.3 litres per cruise passenger per year, as only 14 tonnes were supplied to 43,757 cruise passengers.

In Alcudia, there was one cruise ship in 2019 that did not request water. In 2018, 56 tonnes of water were delivered for 2,139 passengers calling at the port, making an annual average of 26 litres of water per cruise passenger.

These figures only take into account consumption by passengers, disregarding any water used by crew members, who sometimes exceed 25% of the people on board this type of ship.


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