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Decision to sign the management agreement for the seaside promenade of Palma

APB and the Palma City Council may sign the agreement for its entry into force in 2020.
Palma, 22/12/2020

The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has agreed to approve the agreement with the Palma City Council for the management of the Gabriel Roca promenade, once the modifications indicated by the Ministry of Finance have been introduced and the mandatory authorization has been obtained for signing.

The Board of Directors has also empowered the APB president to sign the agreement. Once the Palma City Council has signed it, the document will be sent to the Puertos del Estado Public Body.

The next step will be to publish it in the state Electronic Registration of Organs and Public Sector Cooperation (REOICO) and in the Official State Gazette, mandatory procedures for its entry into force. This will enable bidding for the remodelling of the promenade to be given free rein in the first quarter of 2021 and at the beginning of the works at the end of the same year.

Budget of 43 million euros

The agreement regulates and establishes the commitments that both parties assume. Therefore, the agreement establishes that the APB will be responsible for the remodelling and improvement of the promenade and the City Council for the maintenance of the space.

The construction project for the works, prepared by the JAMLET-TYPSA joint venture, considers working on 169,010 square metres of the promenade of Palma and has an estimated budget of 43 million euros.

This intervention pursues a variety of objectives, among them the improvement of public transport and sustainable means of transport as opposed to the private vehicle, pacification of road traffic, improvement of the transversal permeability between the port and the city, unification of residual spaces to generate free spaces linked to the promenade and enhancement of different uses and activities along it.


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