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An environmental project supported by the APB, selected in the call for proposals "Ports 4.0"

The idea, which will be financed with 15,000 euros, solves the problem of turbidity in port waters.
Palma, 16/04/2021
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One of the projects presented by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) to the call for grants "Ports 4.0" Fund will receive funding from the Distribution Committee of the Interport Compensation Fund in 2021. The chosen idea, called CICERO, which has been developed by Garau Ingenieros, substantially improves the quality of port waters and was considered one of the best, more specifically the fifth of the 125 presented.

Thanks to this grant of 15,000 euros, a proof of concept will be developed for six months in the port of Palma.

The idea is aimed at eliminating the turbidity of the harbour's sheltered water without pumping it outside, but rather promoting natural purification by providing it with oxygen under suitable conditions.

The model includes software and a validation and monitoring system aimed at recovering the natural processes while occupying the minimum space and without hindering port operations. All this is done through specific aeration, filtering and water mixing modules for sports, fishing, industrial or passenger docks.

Ports 4.0 Fund

The Distribution Committee of the Interport Compensation Fund, of which the presidents of the 28 Port Authorities are members, approved the proposal made by the Technical Committee which evaluated the applications submitted to the first call for public aid to the "Ports 4.0" Fund, under the "Plan to promote entrepreneurship for innovation in the port sector.” 33 ideas will receive aid for a total amount of 500,000 euros.

Of the 33 approved ideas, 3 deal with process digitalisation, 4 with safety and security, 10 with environmental sustainability and energy, 1 with the tourism sector and the remaining 10 with logistical efficiency. In addition, 5 intra-entrepreneurship ideas proposed by port authority staff were selected.

Ports 4.0 is an initiative of the Port System that is part of the Innovation Plan for Transport and Infrastructures of the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA), and constitutes the major breakthrough project for the adaptation of the Spanish logistics-port sector to the 4.0 economy.

The objective of the 'Ports 4.0' Plan to Promote Entrepreneurship for Innovation in the Port Sector is to attract, support and facilitate the application of talent and entrepreneurship for innovation in the Spanish public and private logistics-port sector, by implementing a public aid plan.

The 'Ports 4.0' Fund was created and financed through the Interport Compensation Fund, with an additional 1% contributed by the 28 Port Authorities.

You can find further information on the selected APB project here.


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