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Ibiza and Palma become the first ports in Spain to use a water cleaning robot in their concessions

Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca have started to use the ‘Geneseas’ device, which travels across the surface of the water, collecting contaminating waste while constantly analysing water quality.
Palma / Eivissa, 26/07/2021
Environment and CSRTechnology and innovation

The IPM and IMG Group marinas to pioneer the use of the new device in Spain, Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca, are committed to caring for and preserving the environment and constantly looking for ways to improve and raise awareness among their customers. Both companies operate concessions in the multi-purpose ports of Palma and Ibiza.

At the same time, and for the first time in Spain, the two marinas launched a revolutionary robot vacuum cleaner that travels across the surface of the water, collecting floating waste, microplastics and hydrocarbons while analysing the water quality.

The device, named 'Geneseas', can be programmed through an app to clean the entire water surface area of the port in automatic mode or be manually operated with a remote control to capture up to 140 litres of floating debris.

In addition to having a conventional electrical charging system, the robot has been fitted with solar panels to allow for charging via a renewable energy source.

It performs two primary tasks. Firstly, it uses a suction system with a recyclable filter made from natural fibres to safely removes microplastics, macroplastics and hydrocarbons from the water. Secondly, it monitors the water quality to keep an eye on its physical-chemical parameters, testing for pH, temperature, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, Redox and other data.

All these parameters are recorded in real-time, traced by the integrated GPS, and converted to data for straightforward analysis with the app.

By investing in the water cleaning robot Marina Ibiza and Marina Port de Mallorca add another measure to their environmental programmes and efforts to preserve the marine environment. The device, which is not only revolutionary for its ability to clean the water remotely but because it also serves as a valuable tool for real-time water quality analysis, undoubtedly represents a huge step forward for their efforts to protect the Balearic flora and fauna.


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