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Landing protocol of amphibious aircrafts activated at Palma's Port

Palma, 20/07/2016

The landing protocol of amphibious aircrafts for the extinction of forest fires has been activated with the drill carried out in Palma's Port. It is a course of action for the use of the water of Palma's Port during landing operations which will be activated exceptionally, when amphibious aircrafts cannot collect water of any other place on Majorca's coast.

The drill has been carried out under real conditions, with the participation of the aircraft Canadair of the Group 43 of the Air Forces based in Pollença and of all the parties of the Public Administration and the Government of the Balearic Islands involved in the process: the Directorate General of  Emergencies and Interior-SEIB112, the Directorate General of Natural Spaces and Biodiversity, the Civil Guard, the Major of the Naval Forces, the Balearic Islands' Port Authority  (APB), the pilots of Palma's Port, Palma's Royal Yacht Club and the Sea Club. Just yesterday, all the parties signed the protocol, together with the Sub-Directorate General of Forestry of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The General Manager of the APB, Juan Carlos Plaza, the head of the Coordination Service of the Directorate General of Emergencies and Interior, Santiago Sainz de los Terreros, and the General Manager of Natural Spaces and Biodiversity, Caterina Amengual, highlighted the importance of collaboration of all the members involved in landing operations for the quick extinction of forest fires, including public and private institutions and boat users.

Information material for the promotion of the protocol has been handed over to the shipping lines, the users of the facilities and yacht clubs at Palma's Port and to the Fishermen Association. The information material includes the safety measures to be adopted during landing operations in order to ensure the security of amphibious aircrafts.


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