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The light of the Tramuntana lighthouse on the island of Dragonera has been replaced

The new lantern was installed from the air, with the help of a helicopter and specialized personnel.
Mallorca, 26/10/2021
Transport and infrastructure

Last week, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) completed the work to replace the light in the Tramuntana lighthouse, located on the island of Dragonera. Completed by the Mediterranean company Señales Marítimas, this improvement had a cost of 73,000 euros.

Prior to the installation of the new lantern, several preparation work was required, such as the reconstruction of the supporting wall and the installation of new anchor bolts for the lantern's lower ring.

The new light can be visited. It is 2 meters in diameter, with a glass area of 1.35 in height and a lower plinth of 20 cm in height.

The metal part of the old lantern was in poor condition, which had caused the whole assembly to tilt. To stop this process and maintain the equipment in position before its replacement, a series of fixings were placed between the lantern and the civil works supporting the tower.

The new lantern was installed from the air, with the help of a helicopter and specialized personnel.


Second lighthouse of Dragonera

This is the second lighthouse built as a result of the shutdown of the old Na Pòpia lighthouse. It was inaugurated on the 15 of November in 1910. As this lighthouse did not require much light range, nitially it used a simple Maris lamp with a wick, and the lighthouse was maintained by a single lighthouse keeper. The original optics were retired in 1960 to make way for an automatic acetylene lighting system. The lighthouse has not had a permanent technician on site since 1961. The Llebeig lighthouse keepers were responsible for its maintenance. The retired optic was later installed in 1965 at the Portocolom lighthouse, where it is still in service.


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