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The natural port of Maó, the second largest in the world

Palma, 18/08/2016

The port of Maó, managed by the Balearic Port Authority (APB), is known, amongst other things, because it is the second largest natural port in the world. Also, it is the largest and most important in Minorca because both the touristic and industrial services and functions are combined in the same facilities. The port offers a welcome refuge for sailors. It is 6 km. from the estuary of the well known area of Colarsega and the east-west orientation offers protection from the strong Tramontana winds.

At present, two Minorcan municipalities share the territory of the port, Maó and Castell. Both have a seafront promenade which runs along the port area where you can find the centre of the leisure activities such as bars, restaurants, shops and night-life. In the northern area there is the industrial activity of loading and unloading of passenger and merchant ships, the power plant and a Naval Base.

This area also concentrates the major part of the traffic of passengers and merchandise. Around 120,000 passengers embark and disembark every year from Barcelona or with arrival in Palma or Valencia.

With regard to merchandise, a very important part are energy products such as, diesel, petrol, gas, and fuel. Other products that are needed in Minorca are construction materials, agricultural/food products and such items as machinery, paper or wood. In the Poniente dock, the oldest part of the port, moor the cruise ships with around 80,000 visitors each year.

The recreational activity and nautical sports are almost as intense in Maó as in Palma.

The port has a great sailing tradition and it is an important area for competitions and the meeting of traditional boats.

The statistics for the port of Mao clearly show the importance of conserving this precious

heritage and exceptional landscape while at the same time developing the port functions, basic for the island of Minorca.

You can see the complete report in this video on YouTube


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