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New car park building and gas station for boats in the port of La Savina

Palma, 12/04/2011

The Board of Directors of the ABS has adopted to give the company "Petrofor, SL" operation for ten years, a supply of fuel in the commercial dock in the port of La Savina, after the technical committee to study bids submitted for the tender has been rated as the most advantageous solution. The purpose of this competition is to modernize the supply of petrol and diesel boats A and B to the improvement and preparation of deposits and facilities, the construction of an additional underground tank and the addition of three new suppliers. Two of them are of high flow and a double. The proposed investment by Petrofor is half a million euros and the annual fee for operation of the station is 18,000 euros. 


Also in today´s meeting has resolved to award the company "Sovalgaray Marítima, SL" the operation of a parking building, premises and offices in the port of La Savina, after testing the best deal of those submitted to public competition by offering an annual fee of 40,000 euros, an investment of over 3.7 million euros and a concession period of 28 years, seven years less than the maximum provided in the specifications. The project includes the construction of a new building on a plot of 1,390 square meters, where currently there is another property that must be demolished first. Will have three floors plus basement and roof. On the ground floor commercial and office are located, while the rest of the building is devoted to car parking spaces. The building will have 106 parking spaces for cars, 88 reserved for hire, and 36 spaces for motorcycles, also for rent.


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