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The PAB renews its cooperation agreement with the Menorca Island Council for handling emergencies at the Port of Maó

Maó, 13/11/2012

The APB and the Menorca Island Council have today renewed their cooperation agreement on occupational health and safety, firefighting, sea rescue and civil defence for the Port of Maó. This extends the agreement signed in 2001 for another fifteen years and aims to increase safety levels at the Port of Maó’s service area both on land and at sea.


The agreement was ratified with the signing of the document by the APB Chairman, José María Urrutia, and by the Council’s President, Santiago Tadeo, at the island government’s headquarters today.


Under the agreement, the APB will pay €50,000 per year, will acquire consumables to the value of €51,000 and will defray the purchase of a fire engine valued at €199,000, net of VAT, which will be owned by the Port Authority but will be loaned to the Menorca Fire Service. For its part, the Menorca Island Council undertakes to contribute the necessary human capital and material resources to ensure safety at the port, and to train the APB staff. 


Both Santiago Tadeo and José María Urrutia valued this agreement positively as it takes advantage of the resources and synergies available, and therefore prevents services being duplicated.


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