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The Port of Maó's action plan monitoring committee is formed

Maó, 19/09/2016

Another step forward in the Port of Maó's action plan. The monitoring committee of the project, which aims to convert the Port of Maó into Menorca's economic engine, was formed this morning.

The monitoring committee comprises two representatives from the APB, and two from both the Council of Maó and the Council of Es Castell. The commission's chairmanship will rotate among the three bodies on a yearly basis, while the secretary position will be undertaken by the APB. The commission's mission is to analyse on a quarterly basis the progress of the action plan and how best to push it forward, in accordance with the competencies of each administration.

Last July, a document drawn up by the APB and the councils of Maó and Es Castell was presented. The document, called the Port of Maó: economic and cultural engine, sets out 40 possible economic and social actions aimed at recovering the port's former vitality. Help given from the public and private sector was essential in producing this strategic document.

The forty actions outlined are separated into two blocks: measures for economic and for cultural drive. The latter block also encompasses all nautical-sporting activity. As regards the first block, a complementary management proposal between the ports of Maó and Ciutadella, which aims to resolve the imbalance that has arisen since the extension of the latter, stands out from the other proposals. This cooperation proposal regarding resources and objectives is also being considered for the port-airport and for the development of actions with other Mediterranean ports and cities to strengthen the traffic of medium cruise ships and those of high purchasing power.

Furthermore, an extension of the access passage from the estuary is also being considered to improve sailing safety and performance. Improvements in the competitiveness of the companies at the port is also under consideration and the creation of a project incubation hub has been proposed.

As regards the measures for cultural drive and nautical-sporting activity, a proposal regarding the allocation of part of the APB's resources to cultural projects, as well as a commitment to draw up a resource plan that establishes investment priorities, willingness to make military heritage compatible with the current and future needs and uses, and the creation of Maó’s visitors' centre on Rey island are worthy of note.


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