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The port of Savina has a new building for the fisherman’s association of Formentera

There is a vantage point at the top for pedestrians that runs around the entire perimeter of the port.
La Savina, 04/02/2021

The Fishermen's Association of Formentera will have a new building in the port of La Savina paid for by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB). The work ended this January and a formal request has already been received from the Fishermen's Association to occupy and equip the property.

It should be noted that the new location is closer to the fishing pier and to the area for spreading and repairing nets to facilitate the fishermen’s work. The project has also been approved by the Consell de Formentera and the APB.

At a cost of €1,040,910, the new building is triangular in shape and consists of a ground floor and a walkable roof with a pergola. It consists of a private area (ground floor premises for the fishermen's association and technical premises) and a public area, which is the roof that can be accessed by pedestrians. Access is along a ramp to a true vantage point for visitors and residents.

The building faces the sea, creating an emblematic object in the port of La Savina with two functions: to create highly functional equipment and provide the population with a public space for meeting up.


One of the objectives of this project is to give continuity to the entire perimeter of the port and to integrate the new building as a promenade. This urban landmark will therefore be able to convert the land area of the port into part of the urban fabric of La Savina.


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