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The ports managed by APB record 14.6 million tonnes of freight in 2016

Palma, 02/01/2017

The freight traffic statistics for the ports of General Interest in the Balearic Islands state that 14.6 million tonnes passed through the 5 ports managed by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) in 2016.

All ports saw an increase in the volume of traffic except for Mahon, which experienced a 4% decrease in relation to 2015. Alcudia and Ibiza experienced the biggest growth with 18% more traffic than the year before, with the Ports of Palma and La Savina increasing by 8% and 9% respectively.

The figures reported relating to the general goods traffic (referring to consumer goods) that passed through the 5 ports of General Interest in the Balearic Islands in 2016 indicate 11.5 million tonnes, 10% more than in 2015. Alcudia increased by 18%, Ibiza 13%, La Savina 11% and Palma 9%. Mahon is yet again the only port that did not see any growth, showing a 5% reduction in its traffic volume with regards to 2015.

Referring to solid bulk cargo only (coal, grain, salt and construction materials), we can see how Ibiza, Palma and Alcudia increased their traffic volume by 145%, 29% and 21%, while Mahon and La Savina saw a 38% and 14% reduction in these materials in comparison to the previous year.

Lastly, the traffic volume of liquid bulk cargo (fuel) rose in the Port of Ibiza (33%) and Mahon (4%) but saw a decline in the Ports of Palma (5%) and Alcudia (14%).

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