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Restoration of the floor slabs of La Creu lighthouse in port de Sóller

The intervention was priced at €208,412.18.
Sóller, 12/04/2021

The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) completed the restoration of the floor slabs of La Creu lighthouse, in Port de Sóller. The work consisted mainly of inserting metal beams to reinforce the first-floor slab, which was in poor condition. In addition, the interior walls were adapted, windows and blinds were replaced and façades were repaired.

The intervention contract was awarded to the company VIGALCO for a total of €208,412.18 and a term of 75 days.

La Creu lighthouse

La Creu lighthouse is located within the Sóller Naval Station. Its construction dates back to the 30s but it did not start operating until 1945. The building has two floors, 13.60 m long and 10.10 m wide. On the first floor, there is a 36 m2 terrace, which is the only part of the building that has a wooden floor. The rest of the floor is unidirectional and made of reinforced concrete similar to its joists and vaults.


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