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Trapsayates to operate berths of Levante Dock, Maó


The Board of Directors of the PABhas decided to elect the company Trapsayates S.L. as the most advantageous choice to for the tender to manage the moorings of the piers of Levante in the Port of Maó, according to the proposal of the Technical Committee responsible for reporting on the bids submitted to the competition. The proposal of Trapsayates S.L. offers an annual fee of 600,000 euros, an investment for the improvement and expansion of facilities of 2.8 million and a concession period of 14 years and ten months. The chairman of the PAB, Francesc Triay, proposed to the Board of Directors in regular session meeting this morning, to award the tender to the company, in accordance with the proposal of the Technical Commission.For the evaluation of bids, the Technical Commission implemented the specification bases adopted on September 30, 2003 by the Board of Directors of the PAB, which assess and weigh the following factors: the annual fee, the project plan, spending on promotion of nautical sports, a thorough economic survey, the proposed rates, the contract period, the organization of facilities and services and the status of the bidder with regard to promoting nautical sports. In the competition the bids of the businesses Ocibar SL, Ribera del Puerto SL and Maritime Club of Mahon were also considered. The latter bidder had filed an appeal to PAB seeking that the contest be declared void. However, the Board of Directors of the PAB rejected that appeal on the basis of three legal reports which upheld the validity of the contest. These reports were prepared by the Secretariat of the PAB, the State Bar and a third external source.


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