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Work has started on the construction of the Molinar de Levante marina building

The work is expected to take 8 months and its initial budget is €864,761.
Palma, 07/05/2021
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This Monday, 10 May, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) will launch the tender for the construction of the Molinar de Levante marina. The work will be carried out by the company ACSA Obras e Infraestructuras, S.A.U., and is expected to be completed in early 2022. The budget for this project is €864,761.

The original building was built in 1927 and designed by the architect, Carles Garau. It has a square design with two floors, a tower and terraces. Its construction is regionalist with a Mares stone structure and timber roof truss. 

Over the years, different extensions have been made to the main section on the ground floor. These extensions made for restoration purposes consist of different construction methods not related to each other or to the original building.

Construction project

The project is aimed at refurbishing the historic building of the Molinar de Levante marina in the city of Palma, taking into account the urban planning conditions of Palma’s Special Port Plan, the cultural interest of the building based on its history and its construction type, and equipping it with the functional conditions necessary for the general restoration of the ground floor and facilities for the members of the maritime club on the first floor.

This work will be carried out within the general framework for remodelling Molinar port (Project for the Improvement of the Port-City Environment and  operations at Molinar port), which involved reinforcing the maritime security equipment, creating a new sailing school facility, redeveloping the port in general with new spaces for public use and lengthening the promenade.


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