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Work starts on the replacement of the lighthouse at Punta s'Esperó in the port of Maó

Due to the location of the lighthouse and its difficult access, all demolition work has been carried out manually.
Maó, 11/03/2021

The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) is installing a new lighthouse at Punta s'Esperó in Menorca. Work to replace the old one began in February and will last three months. The light source and solar panel have therefore been dismantled, and the old lighthouse, noted for its proximity to the sea and which had cracks and fissures in its reinforced concrete support structure due to corrosion of the reinforcement, has been demolished and will be replaced by another modular fibreglass and polyester one. 

The day mark of the new lighthouse will be 5 metres high and its focal height will be approximately 6.2 metres. The tower will be 1.25 metres wide and will be equipped with air vents to prevent the accumulation of gases and humidity. 

The contract was awarded to Mediterráneo Señales Marítimas SL at a cost of €49,500.

Difficult access

Before starting the demolition work, a temporary lighthouse with a high luminosity self-powered LED was installed so as not to alter its function as a navigational aid for ships.

Due to the location of the lighthouse and its difficult access, all demolition work was carried out manually, with the loading of waste into sacks and the help of a crane truck.

The new lighthouse, equipped with LED lamps, will have much lower maintenance cost and energy consumption.

The Punta s'Esperó lighthouse, located on the cliffs of La Mola, at the entrance to the port of Maó, is the easternmost point in Spain.


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