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I am writing this, the annual report, of a financial year in which I became president during the last third of the year.

The data in this report are objectively presented and do not need any further comments. What perhaps should bementioned is the approach that the new Board of Directors wishes to take for ensuring the continuity of what is one of the main infrastructures of the Balearic Islands. The ports we manage have a series of characteristics that I would like to remind you of:


  • 1. They are self-sufficient by law that obliges them to be self-financing, meaning that they should have no  repercussions on any public, State, Regional or Local Government budget. That means that our ports are financed by those who benefit from them, never the general public through taxes. They are a practical example of redistribution of income.
  • 2. We are managers of an infrastructure, which means that we provide a service to the productive structure. We do not create, but facilitate the generation of economic activity. The model is defined by the society through its different organs, and then we render the service.
  • 3. The incomes generated are reinvested exclusively in the very same ports that we manage, the inter-territorial funds that are available always being of great benefit to us. These provide a balance between the different activities and compensate for the costs of insularity.
  • 4. Our task is mainly to develop three lines of activity. Ferries traffic –goods and passengers- that characterizes internal consumption on the Balearic Islands. Cruise liners represent an activity that is maturing and which requires the best of services in order to consolidate it to match our level of sustainability. Recreational boats, in which we are leaders in two fields: tourism – berths- and industrial – maintenance-. Each of the five ports are involved to some extent in these activities, with differing potential for their


The Board of Directors is designated by the Government of the Balearic Islands. The appointees are selected from the different fields that represent the dynamics involved in each and all of the local port activities. The Board establishes the management guidelines for a technical body that is highly specialized in their particular fields. The aim is no other than to provide a quality, public, and environmentally friendly service to accompany the social and economic development of the Balearic Islands.

The APB (Balearic Islands Port Authority) undertakes its activities, sensitive to the society that it serves. We are fully aware of the task we are entrusted with, even though that task is not always understood by everyone. We know that we have to generate earnings, the final beneficiary of which is society. Some of these dividends will be directly economic, those that make it possible to balance the budget, and others that go directly to the social chapter. This means we provide income to improve goods transport and good environmental practices. Although we are aware of the potential demand for international moorings in the Balearic Islands, we also wish to preserve the right of the residents to not be excluded from enjoying their various water sports and activities.

The APB totally agrees with the criterion that regards the Balearic Islands as a Community that is simultaneously endeavouring to conserve its heritage and to develop, as far as possible, the welfare of its residents. We understand that we provide the basis for the development of a diversified and specialized economy. The commitment that links us to society is precisely that.


Joan Gual de Torrella Guasp



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