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Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) is proceeding in these days to the installation of new street lighting along the Levante dock at the port of Maó, with the aim of improving the street lighting and pedestrian and to reduce power consumption and light pollution in the area.




The APB (Port Authority of the Balearic Islands) has conducted in recent years, a continuous effort to invest in the maintenance of the lighthouse facilities of the islands. Specifically, in the last five years, it has invested about 3.5 million euros in exterior reformations, restoring facades and replacing wood and metal. The APB's investment has not been limited to the lighthouses themselves, but has also included the renovation of the structures attached to the lighthouses.


The arrival of the barge DN 143 to Ibiza from Valencia this past weekend has signalled the start of the second phase of construction of the Botafoc docks in the port of Ibiza. This vessel will deposit 18,000 tons of stones to form the foundation of the new pier. The installation of this breakwater will permit the posterior placement of the foundation boxes that will contain the landfill on which the infrastructure of the new port will be located. During the month of March the construction of eleven reinforced concrete foundation boxes that will form this dock will begin.


The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) approved today, at its last meeting of the year, the Business Plan for 2011. The plan announced an investment of 63.5 million euros for the operation of the ports of general interest in the Balearic Islands.  Featured among the work scheduled for this year, is the construction of a berth in the Poniente docks in the port of Palma for large cruise ships, budgeted at 28 million euros.


The port of Palma has broken this past November, the absolute record of tourist cruise ship in a year to reach 500 arrivals since January 2010. The previous record was 496 maximum scales, which were reached in 2008, which highlights the fantastic tourist season being experienced by the port of Palma on cruises.The cruise Regatta, Palma arrived at the port last Friday November 12 had the honor of being the 500th level.


The Governing Body of the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) has decided to award the company "Amarres Deportivos, SL, a company belonging to the group of Banco Pastor, the management of local offices and berths in the Moll Vell, in the port of Palma.The approval by the Board of Directors was held on November 12, as proposed by the technical committee report on the six bids submitted for the contest.


The Balearic Islands Port Authority announced today to the Consell Insular d'Eivissa the discovery of a cannon and pieces of wood in the dredging area Botafoc port of Ibiza, where they are building the new piers. As a preventive measure against the possible emergence of new remains, the direction of the work has proceeded to define and protect the area where the materials were found and continue dredging to a remote area of enclosed area.




The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) is involved these days in South Korea on a trade mission led by the Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca, which seeks to explore investments and alliances with local partners to promote the marine industry in South of that country.



The contribution to Gross Value Added (GVA) of the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands for port-related activities of the State in the Balearic archipelago is estimated at 3.93%. This is one of the conclusions drawn from the study on the economic impact of the state ports in the Balearic Islands, developed jointly between the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) and the Confederation of Business Associations of the Balearic Islands (CAEB) on data from 2007 and presented in Palma. 



The APB (Balearic Islands Port Authority) will start dredging on Monday, October 4, as a part of the construction project that has been under way in the Botafoc area in the port of Ibiza since last May. The dredger is now en route to the port of Ibiza from the Portuguese town of Portimao and is expected to arrive in the capital of Ibiza on Sunday afternoon.




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