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The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) wanted to thank the Open House Palma Cultural Association for the initiative to promote the city's architectural heritage, enabling many citizens to visit the most prestigious buildings of the APB in Palma. Specifically, on Saturday 6 November, 287 people visited the APB's institutional headquarters, 166 went to the offices and 44 visited the Portopí lighthouse and the maritime signal exhibition. In fact, the institutional headquarters of the APB was the second most visited building on Saturday 6 November.

Environment and CSR


The waters of the port of Eivissa were the scene of a new marine pollution control exercise by the Jovellanos Integral Maritime Safety Centre. The exercise was carried out in the midst of a supposed diesel oil spill, for which real-life anti-pollution barriers were deployed. Different units activated by the port of Eivissa, such as the pilots and the Port Police, took part in the exercise.

Maritime Rescue

Environment and CSRTransport and infrastructure


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has recently awarded the maintenance service contracts for trees, palm trees, gardening and cliffs in the port of Maó. UTE Podas Puerto Maó (Conrado-Urbient) will be in charge of maintaining the trees, palm trees, planters and smaller plants for 370,000 euros per year, while UTE Menorca Subvertical will be responsible for the correct maintenance of the many cliffs along the port, for 138,000 euros per year. The service will be staffed by 10 workers from groups at risk of social exclusion.

Port-cityTransport and infrastructure


The replacement of 20 palm trees showing signs of structural risk has begun this week in the Port of Palma.  the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) thus guarantees, as far as possible, their stability. Several types of operations will be carried out: the uprooting of an existing palm tree and its subsequent replanting with the repair of the pavement, if necessary.

The improvement project has been awarded to the Parkinsonia company for a value of 47,168 euros and it is expected to last six months.

Port-cityTransport and infrastructure


Last week, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) completed the work to replace the light in the Tramuntana lighthouse, located on the island of Dragonera. Completed by the Mediterranean company Señales Marítimas, this improvement had a cost of 73,000 euros.

Prior to the installation of the new lantern, several preparation work was required, such as the reconstruction of the supporting wall and the installation of new anchor bolts for the lantern's lower ring.

Transport and infrastructure


The ports of Eivissa and Formentera today, Friday 8 October, hosted the annual meeting of the 10th Master's Degree in Port Management and Planning and Intermodality of Puertos del Estado. The APB's delegate for the ports of Ibiza and Formentera, Ignacio Revilla, welcomed the participants and presented the ports of general interest of Eivissa and La Savina. The students themselves were able to get to know the ports in situ from land and from the sea.

Environment and CSR


On 29 September of that same year, the Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) approved in an ordinary session the proposal for the sale of 10 terraces to private owners of the adjoining dwellings in the Portixol area of the port of Palma.

It so happens that many of the terraces of the houses in the area are the property of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands, so this agreement establishes the conditions of sale of these spaces to the adjoining owners, as these are areas that are of no interest to the port.



After years of decreasing traffic in the port of Alcúdia, in 2021 coal is no longer among the goods embarked and/or disembarked in the port. This confirms the trend to decarbonise energy production in the Balearic Islands, endorsed by the Balearic Islands Climate Change Law, which proposes that by 2050 all the energy produced in the archipelago should come from clean sources.

Environment and CSRTechnology and innovation


At the beginning of the 70s, three Trimak motorcycle-type tricycles were delivered to the Pityuses to transport the acetylene gas accumulators used to power the lights of the Tagomago, Conillera and the recently opened Barbaría lighthouses. Although they continued to perform reasonably well, they were eventually replaced in 2013 by two new Piaggios, which means they had a useful life of more than 40 years.

Transport and infrastructure


Work to replace the access gates and fencing around the controlled area in the Port of Eivissa has begun and is expected to last for two months and cost 300,000 euros. The work has been awarded to the company ISLASFALTO and consists of replacing more than 800 m of high-security, 2.50-metre high fencing and four gates (two sliding and two revolving).

The project aims to reinforce security for both users and workers by replacing the current enclosure, which has accumulated damage and vulnerabilities over time, with tamper-proof and hard-to-climb elements.

Transport and infrastructurePort-city



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