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The Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) has tendered the works for the extensions of the Poniente (western) docks to make berths for large ships in the port of Palma, with a contract budget of more than thirty-six million euros and a maximum period of execution of sixteen months. 



The APB (Balearic Islands Port Authority) has tendered the works for the building of the new access road from the highway of La Mola to Cos Nou in the port of Maó, with a contract budget of over three million euros and a maximum execution period of five months.


Following the publication in the Official Gazette (BOE) announcing public tender for the works, a deadline for submitting applications was set for April 12th. The opening procedureof the submitted tenders will take place on April 16th at the headquarters of the APB in Palma.


The APB (Balearic Islands Port Authority) expects 778 cruise ships and 1,475,000 visitors in transit through its facilities in the ports of Palma, Mahon and Ibiza during 2010, making this the best season in the history of the ports of the Balearic Islands. Specifically, in the port of Palma the current prediction is for 559 stopovers and about 1.3 million cruise passengers; in the port of Mahon 118 stopovers and 100,000 cruise passengers; and finally, 101 stopovers and 115,000 passengers in port of Ibiza.


The High Court of Illes Balears (TSJB) has confirmed the grant, by the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB), to Port Technical Services Company, Inc. (STP) for the concession of the shipyard of the port of Palma, after rejecting the application for judicial review submitted by Boat Yard Palma, SL.



The tanker Mar Rocio was today, the first to utilize the new facilities for the discharge of liquid fuel that the Balearic Islands Port Authority (APB) built at the naval base of Port Maó and which involved an investment of 2.4 million euros. With this new infrastructure, the port of Maó can accommodate tankers of greater length and load capacity, which will substantially reduce the number of stopovers at the port throughout the year and also eliminate the traffic of fuel-laden tanker trucks in the port area.


The PAB has granted for a period of 15 years, the operation of a storage facility and the distribution of cement on the Ribera dock at the port of Alcudia, to Sitges Reunides SL. The company will occupy a ground lot of 1,976 m2, 162 m2 of underground surface, plus 16 m2 for the unloading facility on the service area dock


In 2010, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (PAB) will freeze five of the seven taxes it collects from the ports of general interest it manages in the Balearic archipelago and implement a reduction in the other two, as a measure to help alleviate the economic recession. 


This action is taken in compliance with Law 26/2009 of 23 December, the General State Budget for 2010 and Law 48/2003 of 26 November, the economic regimen and the provision of general services of the major ports.  



The technical committee responsible for evaluating the bids submitted to the open tender for the construction of the proposed esplanade and commercial docks protected by Botafoc in the port of Ibiza, has chosen the joint venture of UTE as the best technical offer out of the nine candidates presented. This joint venture is formed by Ferrovial Agroman S.A., Construcciones y Estudios S.A. and Construciones Llull Sastre S.A.


The chairman of the Port Authority of Balears (PAB), Francesc Triay, has requested the Ministry of Culture, through the State Ports, to invite without delay, the committee from UNESCO, to assess whether the projects designed for the port of Ibiza will affect "Ibiza, biodiversity and culture", declared a World Heritage Site in 1999. It was also emphasized that the PAB had no official knowledge of the agreement adopted in Seville in late June by the Heritage Committee of UNESCO, broadcasted yesterday by the GEN-GOB at a press conference in Ibiza.


The Port of Palma recorded, on July 17, a record of 10,000 cruise passengers in one day, accommodating three megacruiseships and another medium in size at its docks. The four ships were Costa Magica, with 101,350 tonnes and 272 metres MSC Orchestra, with 92,409 tonnes and 293 metres Arcadia, with 83,000 tonnes and 285 metres and Thomsom Destiny, with 37,773 tonnes and 214 metres. The Port of Palma is expected, in 2008, to beat the historic record of 500 stopovers in the same year.



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