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The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands is a public body with its own legal personality and equity which manages the five ports of general interest on the Balearic Islands. It views managing the documents which it receives and generates in the performance of its duties as a key pillar in transparency, the quality of its services and sustainable development.

In compliance with current legislation for the entire public sector and based on its full capacity to act, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands has drawn up a document management policy whose purpose is the complete digital transformation of the organisation by eliminating the use of paper as a medium for its documents.

This policy is applicable to all documents created and received by the Port Authority in the performance of its duties which are evidence of the activities carried out by the entire organisation. It covers all Port Authority staff, including staff in subcontracted services which produce, manage or receive documents.

Document management at the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands is based on the following principles:

  • The documents created and received are an integral part of the processes of the Port Authority which are required to manage them according to the law for as long as they are needed.
  • The documents give a complete and accurate account of the activities carried out and the decisions taken, including sufficient information for understanding and contextualising them.
  • The documents are to be managed so as to maintain their integrity, authenticity, reliability and usability over time.
  • All the documents are entered into corporate computer systems in the manner prescribed and the Port Authority is committed to maintaining these systems and providing them with sufficient resources for their proper operation.


The Port Authority’s Chairman and Managing Director are responsible as the governing and management body respectively for ensuring that all management and service processes comply with this “Document Management Policy” within a framework of excellence, continuous improvement and customer and user satisfaction.

This Policy is the reference framework for setting strategic targets in document management and is reported to all staff so they aware of and implement it.


Chairman, Mr Juan Gual de Torrella Guasp

Managing Director, Mr Juan Carlos Plaza Plaza

Palma, 22 October 2018


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