The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands has drawn up a Corporate Responsibility Policy approved by its Board of Directors which unifies and enhances our identity and culture. It is also a way of directing and guiding our actions and setting the general principles for economic, institutional, social, environmental and ethical conduct for the people and companies operating in our ports.

This Environmental Policy is an additional aspect of the environmental dimension of our Corporate Responsibility Policy and is based on the requirements of our Environmental Management System under the UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard.

As the managing body for the five public ports (Alcudia, Palma, Mahon, Ibiza and La Savina) which make up one of the most important economic and service units in the Balearic Islands, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands is committed to working towards the “Green Port” approach. It does this by promoting sustainability, protecting public port land, its environment and assets, as well as its biodiversity and ecosystems within the scope of its operations and its monitoring capacity in line with its roles and remit.

This Policy has been approved as part of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands’ strong commitment to this approach. It will enhance its roles in administering its ports, setting their management regulations and internal operating rules and authorising their investment as part of environmentally-friendly port management and operations.

To this end, the Port Authority is stepping up its efforts by applying the following management principles:

  • Building environmental considerations into planning, organising, designing and implementing infrastructures, use, monitoring and conservation of public port land.
  • Protecting assets and available resources.
  • Protecting the port’s marine and land environments, including preventing pollution and ensuring legal compliance and meeting other requirements in all its areas of influence.
  • Making rational use of available natural resources by minimising consumption, implementing energy efficiency criteria and preventing climate change.
  • Fostering continuous improvement and appropriate environmental performance in all port facilities, taking action if necessary as facilitators in the port community, supporting the implementation of environmental management systems and raising the awareness of employees, customers and users of the ports so that all our stakeholders see us as a “Green Port”.
  • Partnering other institutions to draw up regulations which improve the environment in the ports and their surroundings in general within our remit.
  • Driving environmental training and education for the organisation’s staff.
  • Setting up channels for communication and dialogue with all stakeholders for effective and seamless communication on environment-related issues.
  • Carrying out studies and research on port operations and on safeguarding the environment and working in partnership with others.
  • Encouraging our innovation processes to seek solutions that minimise the environmental impact of port operations on their surroundings.


Consequently, the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands’ intention is that this Policy should be the reference framework for setting environmental management objectives which are aligned and compatible with the strategy and its context. It should also be reviewed at regular intervals and made available to all stakeholders in various languages for its internal and external distribution, knowledge and compliance. 

Palma de Majorca, 14th November 2016

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