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The financial statements of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) pertaining to financial year 2017 show a profit of 20.5 million euros, an increase of 3.9 % with regards to the year before when the profit exceeded 19.7 million euros.


During the last financial year, port activity on the Balearic Islands followed the general growth pattern experienced in recent years, set against a booming socio-economic context.


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has put out to tender a contract for the renovation of the building at Moll Vell no. 3 at the Port of Palma, where the authority was located before moving to the current building at Moll Vell no. 5. Therefore, after the now tendered renovation, the APB premises will consist of two buildings: the current office building and the future institutional building, the renovation of which is now being put out to tender. The tender amount is 5.5 million euros plus VAT with an 18-month completion term for the works.


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has started drafting its Strategic Plan which will address the future of the five ports it manages (Palma, Alcudia, Mahon, Ibiza and la Savina). The APB intends for it to be a useful tool for guiding and prioritising its activities over the next few years. At the same time, it will offer transparency as it establishes and explains the different APB projects in a coherent manner to the institutional, financial and social entities. The resulting dialogue and collaboration with them will help the ports offer the best possible service.


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has put out to tender a contract for the drafting of the Construction and Works Management Project for the redevelopment of the seafront promenade in Palma. The tender amount is 550,280 euros plus VAT and the deadline for tenders is 14 September. Those interested can submit their tenders via the APB's Electronic Tender Portal. 


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has obtained the official certification of international cardiac protected area from EFHRE International University and the Spanish Emergency Association 112 (AES in Spanish), joining other institutions and public bodies who have been awarded the European Cardiosafe Space certificate.


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has commenced the reconstruction works on two docks at the Port of Mahon: Cala Sant Antoni and Cala Figuerassa. The project entails improving the current installations of the dock of Cala Sant Antoni, a historical public loading dock, and the dock of Cala Figuerassa with direct management moorings.


The judging panel of the competition regarding preliminary plans for the development of Cala Figuera has given awards to the three most interesting proposals of the six submitted, which set out ideas for actions in said area at the Port of Mahon.


The Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) has joined the Samoa project, an initiative promoted by State Ports which already has agreements in place with another 24 Port Authorities. The project involves the implementation of a new and complex system for predicting oceanic and meteorological risk factors. These may help predict the path of possible accidental spillage of hydrocarbons in the interior of the ports and their anchorages.


 The Board of Directors of the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands (APB) yesterday ordered the administrative eviction of Trapsayates SA in order for it to immediately cease occupancy of the public port domain at the Levante dock between the tip of Cala Figuera and the tip of Rellotge at the Port of Mahon. A space that is being unduly occupied and unlicensed since it was notified of the declaration of revocation agreed upon by the APS Board of Directors on 13 December 2017.

The eviction must take place within three days of notification by APB to the company.



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